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About the Classic Collection

Our Classic Feather Lampshade Collection

The original feather lampshade Classic Collection. It comprises 3 graceful designs with inspiration from the elegant lines of the Art Deco style. 

Our FeatherLamp Shades

Our 3 graceful featherlamps include:

The Bertie

The two tiered Bertie is a statement light fitting that makes a joyful centre piece, designed to elevate your interior.

The Gloria

The Gloria’s single tiered simplicity is a perfect dining table light and the most compact design.

The Juliette

Juliette, is small enough for your cosiest spaces, hallways and landings. 

Feathers & Ceiling Lights

Our pendant lampshades add life to the homes and locations they seemingly float in. The tactile qualities of the unique feather combination creates softness. This softness counters the corners and hard edges we tend to live within in our homes. 

Our Feathers

Each of our Classic feather shades uses a base layer of mature goose feathers. It uses a top layer of soft, glossy-tipped hen feathers*, all of which are waste products from poultry farming.

Hand Processed

The feathers are hand processed in small batches here in the UK. They are steamed. bleached, dyed and sewn. We invest great care, time, and love in all our feathers. 

Bespoke Feather Lighting

The ultimate in bespoke lighting for your home. Why not pick out a colour in your upholstery or decor to resonate in your statement light fitting? We offer a premium match-dye service for The Classic Collection. We use either physical swatches of your fabrics and papers or, alternatively, a Pantone reference.  

View Our Feather Gallery For More Information

Our Lampshade Frames

Our frames are repurposed components diverted from cycle manufacture - we are literally reinventing the wheel. The contrast of the soft and decadent feathers with the cool and tactile brass chain is a satisfying and dynamic mix.

Add to this the way the Bertie’s crystals can catch the sunlight and send tiny rainbows of diffracted light around your room. You have much much more than an easy fit light shade. 

Who Are Coldhabour Lights?

Coldharbour Lights is a decorative lighting design house. We specialise in the design and production of original feather light shades. Each piece is hand crafted and made to order in our London studio.

The elegant lines of the Art Deco period inspire our designs and we have our roots in theatre. Lottie Davies found the company in 2017, in Brixton, London.

*The exception is the iridescent black colour way. This uses iridescent cockerel feathers interspersed with electric blue/green stands of peacock hurl

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Gift Cards

For a wedding present list, as a way of saving up for your dream shade. As a promise to yourself or simply as a gift.

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There’s nothing like having the feathers in your hands to see how the colour is going to work for you. Please let us know if you would like to be sent some free feather samples.

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