Introducing the world’s most beautiful feather lampshade

Handmade in south London by theatre director turned artisan lighting designer Lottie Davies. Coldharbour Lights' beautiful feather lampshade collection exudes drama, opulence and a whimsical playfulness. Designed to bring joy into your home.

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Each feather lampshade in the five-strong collection has been designed for a purpose. They have a physical, tactile appeal as well as its visual, ethereal allure.

Inspired by the bold stylings of the Art Deco era. Each and every feather lampshade – be it the two-tier Bertie or the exuberant Amaryllis, is truly decadent. They command attention wherever it is placed.

Handmade Feather Lampshades

Every Coldharbour Lights’ feather lampshade is delicately crafted by hand in Lottie’s London studio. Contrasting luxurious hand-dyed goose and hen feathers with a utilitarian bicycle wheel rim.

Lottie said:

“There is an energetic dynamic between the opulence of these exquisite feathers and the functional engineering of a metal alloy bike rim. It gives each feather lampshade a whimsical yet very grounded, almost utilitarian feel. Heaven and earth.”

Lottie sources her feathers from Europe’s best-known and longest established feather dyers and processors. Who not only supply independent artisans but provide feathers for the Ministry of Defence. As well as Hollywood film studios and haute couture houses.

Her feathers are specifically selected for their striking textures, which play together beautifully and glow with their rich colours when lit.

Meet the protagonists

Like Lottie, each feather lampshade is bursting with personality and character. Here Lottie introduces her unique collection:


Bertie, short for Liberty, is a striking two-tier explosion of decadence. A statement lampshade that creates an alluring focal point that manages to be both elegant and flamboyant at the same time.

Bertie Feather Lampshade

Perfect for dining table lighting, bedroom lighting or as a centre-piece statement light. Try banging your head on the Bertie - it’s impossible, all you’ll get is a soft caress.


Bringing together super soft feathers with the warm brass accents of a cool ball chain. 

Gloria Lampshade

Gloria is a textured piece that relieves the hard architectural edges of an interior. She also works beautifully above a dining table or as original home bar lighting.


Perfect for hallway lighting and more compact spaces. Juliette might be small in size but she more than makes up for it in impact. Bold and beautiful, Juliettes work well as cluster lighting too.

The Filomena:

Exuberant and with all the impact and volume of a chandelier, The Filomena is the largest lampshade we make. She takes centre stage to provide a flamboyant piece of statement lighting.

The Amaryllis:

Bursting with joy, the Amaryllis has an elegant silhouette with a delicate balance of cockerel tail feathers and brass ball chain. Beautiful and strokeable decorative lighting to fall in love with.