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Luxury feather chandelier. Decorative lighting with feathers. Green feather light shade

About Us & Our Ceiling Lights

Coldharbour Lights is a decorative lighting design house that specialises in the design and production of original feather light shades. Each piece is hand crafted and made to order in our London studio.

The designs are inspired by the elegant lines of the Art Deco period and have their roots in theatre. The company was founded by Lottie Davies in 2017 in Brixton, London.

Making a feather ceiling light

Our Values

Every Piece Is Handmade To Order

We are proud of the love and meticulous attention to detail that we invest in each of our exquisite handmade shades. Because of our human touch, each piece is special and no two pieces will ever be EXACTLY the same.

We Value Our Customers

We understand the trust that goes into buying a hand made piece online. We aim to provide the best customer experience there is. If we can go a bit further for you, we will.

We Enjoy Interactive Experience

From the experience of collaborating on a new design to the experience of living with a Coldharbour Lights feather light shade. Apart from the delight of living with a thing of beauty, we believe that one of the pleasures of a Coldharbour Lights feather shade is its playful dimension.

Soft and touchable, we make decorative lighting that can be stroked or, as with the Bertie, gently spun to cast rainbows around your interior. As a customer once said after living with her Filomena for a few weeks, “It’s a bit like having a pet.”

We Believe In Sustainability

We strive to minimise our carbon footprint in as many ways as possible. Keeping it local is a key factor. We all walk to work. We keep road use to a minimum by using local services for laser cutting and powder coating.

90% of our materials are produced in the UK and most of them are delivered by companies working towards a carbon neutral service. We recycle most of the packaging that our materials are delivered in, without affecting the aesthetic of our packaging. Coldharbour Lights is a proud member of Blue Patch the national social enterprise that funds community owned renewable energy projects. Find us in the Blue Patch’s Sustainable Directory.


Beyond our collections, we are able to offer bespoke solutions to fit your project. Lottie can work with you to create imagery as a starting point for a bespoke creation. Our feathers can be dyed to match almost any colour swatch.


We use best quality feathers that are carefully bleached and hand dyed here in the UK. The feathers we use are by-products of farmed poultry or common game birds and are not from rare or endangered species. Our Classic Collection uses hen and goose feathers while the Rio Collection uses cockerel tail feathers. We offer a match dye premium service. We can match any colour from a swatch of your fabric or work from a Pantone reference number. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Our News & Events

We love writing about home styling and how you can best decorate your home to suit your new feather pendant shades. We also attend a lot of events to meet our customers and to gain and pass on inspiration to other artists. Find out more information here on our news, events and style guides.

Meet the team


Lottie trained in theatre and spatial design with Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Her first career was in European visual theatre. All the while, between shows, she was quietly experimenting with jewellery making and creating light sculptures.

In Coldharbour Lights she brings all three threads together. Lottie considers it a bonus to have had no industry experience whatsoever. This has allowed her to be completely free and organic in her approach to her design work. Lottie is a native Londoner and a proud European, with family roots in southern Spain and western Wales.

Cecilia Aronsson

Cecilia left her native Sweden to study Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London. She has a varied career working on many large scale art projects and commercial sculptures.

Cecilia has a great eye for collectible art and objects. She established Forsberg and Soane where she buys and sells exquisite vintage treasures. Cecilia works in the studio as a maker.

John Shelton

Following a long and fruitful career in education, longtime friend of Coldharbour Lights, John, squeezes in some time between fishing trips and mountain hikes to take charge of the first stage of production, assembling the frames and getting them powder coated.


The feathers we use are byproducts of farmed poultry or common game birds and are not from rare or endangered species.

Our Classic Collection uses hen and goose feathers whereas the Rio Collection uses cockerel tail feathers. These feathers are saved from being disposed of as a waste byproduct.

Feathers are naturally robust so you can gently wipe them with a damp cloth or use a hand held vacuum cleaner.

Yes, we provide an adapter ring so that you can suspend your shade from a B22 (bayonet) fitting or a universal E27 (large screw) fitting.

No. Even the Coco, the largest of our lampshades (so far) is light enough to be suspended from the pendant fittings we can supply.

We supply these separately for £50 with a gold flex and antique brass metal components. Manufactured in the UK by Urban Cottage Industries.

I prefer to use LED vintage style G80 globe bulbs with an E27 large screw base. Thanks to the inherent versatility of our pieces being lamp shades, you can use all sorts of bulbs.

Look in the News section to see upcoming exhibitions and events. Get in touch for a list of bars, restaurants and hotels where our lampshades are featured. If you would like to arrange a visit to our London studio, please email us

Worldwide Shipping

Customers outside the UK - VAT is set to 0%. Please be aware that you will be liable to pay customs duties and tax once your product has reached the desired country. Once paid, your product will be released by customs and processed for onward delivery.


Gift Cards

For a wedding present list, as a way of saving up for your dream shade. As a promise to yourself or simply as a gift.

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Request a Sample

There’s nothing like having the feathers in your hands to see how the colour is going to work for you. Please let us know if you would like to be sent some free feather samples.

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