Meet the Maker

Lottie Davies – Creator and Founder of Coldharbour Lights


Lottie is a native Londoner and a European, with family roots in southern Spain and western Wales. Coldharbour Lights takes its name from Coldharbour Studios in South London where the company was first established in 2016.

Lottie trained in theatre and spatial design with Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She spent most of the nineties creating theatre shows and performing across the UK and Europe. All the while, between shows, she was quietly experimenting with jewellery and interior light designs. In her first collection for Coldharbour Lights she brings all three threads together. 


How did Coldharbour Lights evolve?

“My design work emerges from my theatre background. I am interested in experiential design; these feather lights are designed to have a physical, tactile appeal as well as the visual dimension.

Rockett St George took an interest in my work and put it onto their website only six weeks after the launch of Coldharbour Lights. The wonderful response the work got was enough to fuel my confidence. I haven't looked back since. There are now several retailers who stock my work, including Dust in Dublin. 

eporta X WGSN Interior Trend Report 2018 describes the evolution perfectly: 

The growing number of career-changers …  Many highly educated candidates are taking the leap to pursue artisanal careers that are flamboyant and skilful, shunning the traditional path to put their pleasure first.

As I enjoy putting together incongruous materials, I wanted to use decadent, luxurious textures alongside functional, utilitarian elements. So I found myself combining bicycle wheel rims and ball chain with feathers and crystal in these unique feather light shades. My love of the style and designs of the Art Deco period informs my work and inspires me to create a decadent allure to each piece."