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Our feather lamp shades are designed to simply hang from a pendant fitting. Either the classic UK standard B22 bayonet fitting or the global standard ES screw fitting. Powder coated adapter rings are available on request for the classic UK B22 fitting. 


Pendant sets include a vintage inspired ceiling rose and bulb holder in antiqued brass with an adjustable 85cm length of braided flex in a range of colours. Striking the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary styles, these pendants are ideal for suspending your feather chandelier if you want to replace an existing ceiling pendant fitting.

Alternatively, and for maximum versatility, ditch the ceiling rose, order extra metres of flex and wire it to a plug. This will allow you to hang your feather chandelier almost anywhere that an extension lead will allow. These chandeliers are incredibly light, making them super-agile; ideal for events and temporary settings. For ultimate decadence, hang a feather chandelier in a garden tree - on a dry night!!

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